Such a gift is suitable for anyone, regardless of gender, age or location

Vocal lessons Gift Certificate at Muskool is a present that will surprise everyone

Professional vocal coaches

Our teachers are professional singers with impressive experience in performing on stage and in popular vocal shows

Any number of lessons

Choose between Certificates for single lessons or purchase the packages

Classes from anywhere in the world

The person with the gift will get a chance to have classes from anywhere in the world.
They will only need is the Internet connection

The Gift with no boundaries

The certificate doesn’t require physical delivery and could be sent by email or any messenger. Show your love even from miles away!

Not sure what Gift Certificate to choose?

Contact us if you need a consultation on the Gift Certificate
Or leave a request via messenger:
Call us at: +372 53498162
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You can also purchase the standard package as a Gift Certificate
You can choose any number of lessons
Bonus to the certificate - 10% discount on package for continuing classes
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