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Study online from anywhere in the world with our unique accelerated program.
Each of our 360+ students got noticeable results in 4 weeks.
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вокала от лучших преподавателей MUSKOOL
Online vocal school for kids and adults
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Have you been dreaming of singing since childhood, but others thought you had neither the talent nor the ability to do it?
Do you post on social media, perform in public, and want to improve your voice and speech?
Are you feeling insecure and shy when communicating with others or being misheard in a group of people?
Are you looking for a hobby that is fun and doesn't cost a fortune?

MUSKOOL online vocal coaching program

To be more confident in life and on stage
To be able to sing any song for yourself or in karaoke
To use your voice and speech to the max
To enjoy the hobby, which gives a boost of positivity
Works for everyone, regardless of age, experience, and musical ear

Take a simple quiz and sign up for an audition

At the audition you will learn:

How to upgrade your vocal skills in 4 weeks
Your vocal range, strengths and weaknesses of your voice
Which songs are perfect for the timbre of your voice, and your style of performance
How trained your musical ear is
Answer 5 simple questions and sign up for an audition
Audition is a trial lesson with a vocal coach, during which you will receive recommendations on how to improve your voice and take your performance to the next level.

You don't need to waste time on the road

All the lessons are organized online. You’re free to choose the time that’s convenient for you, even at the weekend
Study one-on-one with your vocal coach on Zoom.

Learn in your comfort zone, literally!

Learn from the best

Adopt the experience of the professional vocal coaches - winners of the famous international vocal competitions, even if you don’t have ones in your city or school
All you need is a smartphone, laptop, or tablet with Internet access

Study at MUSKOOL with the best teachers from anywhere in the world

Alarina, age 22, Paris
Timur, age 6, Brussels
Ksenia, age 33,
Each of them has noticeably improved their vocal skills. Here’re the reviews of the students:

Over the past year, more than 360 students from all over the world joined MUSKOOL community

81% of the students have never had singing lessons before studying
With no vocal experience
With no vocal experience
With no vocal experience
View more reviews
Daria, age 25,
Eugenia, age 37,
Olga, age 19,
South Korea
With no vocal experience
With no vocal experience
With no vocal experience

Sign up for a trial lesson

In a 60-minute lesson, you will understand:

How to prepare vocal apparatus for singing and why it is necessary
How to improve results on your own and bring your voice to the next level
How to breathe properly so your voice sounds strong and beautiful
How to overcome stage fright and sing calmly and confidently
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And reveal your true voice

MUSKOOL - online vocal school with teachers who love what they do

Our team unites professional vocal coaches and musicians who have performed on the big stage and participated in famous international competitions
1 500+
Hours of training monthly
Professional teachers from all over the world
Students in the last year

Vocal lessons are built according to our unique accelerated training program

The program of the vocal course is formed individually for each student, depending on their abilities, vocal experience and skills

Prepare for the lesson

Meet your vocal coach and chat with them in a friendly atmosphere
Discuss the lesson’s plan and set the goal for this session

Goal setting

Vocal warm-up exercises

Learn how to breathe properly while singing and warm up your voice
Perform your favorite song, receive feedback from a pro, and learn new vocal techniques

Main part


Receive vocal exercises for mastering your skills

Homework assignment

Get the feedback and advice from the vocal coach, and plan the next lesson at Muskool
In addition to vocal skills, you will master the following:
Занятия проходят
по уникальной
ускоренной программе обучения

Improve your diction

You will learn to sing all the sounds clearly and distinctly, even if you need to perform the song in a whisper

Working with a microphone

You will learn the nuances of singing with a microphone and make your performance impeccable

Stage look development

You will find your own performance style and learn how to act on stage
The duration of each lesson in the package is 60 minutes.
The cost of the lesson depends on the number of lessons in the package

Packages cost

Prices in $
Prices in €
Package cost
1 month
4 lessons
per lesson
Package cost
2,5 months
8 lessons
per lesson
Package cost
4 months
12 lessons
per lesson
Package cost
1 month
4 lessons
per lesson
Package cost
2,5 months
8 lessons
per lesson
Package cost
4 months
12 lessons
per lesson

Trial lesson

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